Safety & Security


Our innovative Window Security, Child Safety product – ProwLock – secures a closed or open sliding window as a tamper-resistant, mechanical device that easily installs in a window channel. 

Window safety and security is a growing concern. Home break-ins can increase seasonally when windows are left open for ventilation. Also; sadly, accidents can occur when children lean against open windows. Our ProwLock product appeals to home-owners, tenants and landlords with some 9 million homes and some 4.3 million apartment units in Canada (StatsCanada, 2011).

ProwLock is a combined rod-restrictor-release device. A rod secures to the window-frame corner and extends to the sliding window with a restrictor that limits a window to only open 10cm (4 in.) wide. When the window is closed the device is child-resistant to tampering and accessible for emergency release. As the window slides open, it covers the release tab and is tamper-resistant from the inside and inaccessible to an outside intruder. 

ProwLock requires no anchors or screws to install, eliminating concerns of damage to window frames or facia. Our release tab is more reliable than window-bar keyed or restrictor-bolted releases that require a safely-placed key or delayed-removal in an emergency situation.

ProwLock Features



  • Installs - in frame and channel, no tools needed
  • Protects - a limited-open window or patio sash (door)
  • Provides - for child safety from window accidents/ falls
  • Deters - any child-tampering inside and removal from outside 
  • Releases -  in an emergency egress or need to exit
  • Universal  -  for slider/hung windows and patio slider doors
  • Perfect - for most aluminum, wood or vinyl frames 
  • Removes  - for easy cleaning of frame and window 


Design details to follow on product launch: Winter 2019


  • Prevents unintended opening and child accidents.
  • Secures open window from outside tampering.
  • Provides secure partial opening for air flow.
  • Universal mounts for all window types.
  • Adjusts to most window sizes.
  • Mounts/Removes easily in case of an emergency.
  • H/D gauge material and component design.
  • Performs reliably for safe and secure use.
  • Lasts with durable coatings and hardware.
  • Suits home, condo and apartment windows.
  • A larger model would secure patio sliding-doors.


ProwLock for your family's security


  • Even if you have AC or a security system, this is a good backup security device to have in the event of a power outage.
  • ​When you need ventilation you shouldn't have to worry about leaving a window open. Get the instant security protection your family needs.
  • ​​Prowlock is the only solution for protecting an open window that is both tamper-resistant and damage-free.

Two Models, for any size Window


ProwLock - Window

For basement, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom

Slider (horizontal) and hung (vertical) windows

$ 39.95 (suggested)

ProwLock - Patio


For patio doors (standard) with fixed frame or sash

$ 59.95  (suggested)

Case-lots for Agencies, Associations, Boards, and Property Managers. 

Current (Unsatisfactory) Options for Open Windows


Window bars

 These are the most secure option, but that  comes at a price. Mounting Security bars requires drilling holes in the  window frame. Most landlords likely don't want their windows damaged in  this way. Emergency exit can also be hampered when windows have a  pad-locked security bar. Some municipalities are beginning to outlaw them for that reason. 


Wedging the Sash with a Hockeystick

This option, and others on the market like it, are suitable for closed windows. They were never intended for an open window  as they are too easy for a thief to remove and gain access. The rise in  the use of alarm systems are pushing burglars to easier targets and making them more determined.  There are other ways to use old hockey sticks ... 


Other options that were never intended for an open window

There are other options on the market that are easy to install, but again a burglar can reach in and easily defeat  them. Even if the device can be installed out of reach, a thief can extend his reach with a channel-wrench or screw-driver.  


We're working on a more professional video. In the meantime, this still shows the advantages of ProwLock and how it secures an open window.